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Atomo HIV Self Test Kits!

The Atomo HIV Self Test is discreet, easy-to use, and highly accurate. You can perform the test yourself in the privacy of your own home or wherever you feel comfortable. Result will be provided in 15 minutes.

1. How does it work?
The Atomo HIV Self Test is a small cartridge that contains a test strip. The test is a finger prick blood test that only needs a small amount of blood, result will be provided in 15 minutes.

2. How Accurate is the test?
The Atomo HIV Self Test has been shown in laboratory testing to correctly identify 99.6% of HIV negative and HIV positive samples.

Like other HIV tests, the Atomo HIV Self Test may not detect HIV that is recently acquired. For the Atomo HIV Self Test, the window period is three months. This means that the test may not detect HIV that has been acquired in the last three months.

If you think you have been exposed to HIV in the last three months, it is important to speak to a doctor or visit a sexual health clinic.

3. What happens if I get a positive result?
The Atomo HIV Self Test is a very accurate screening test. Because it is a screening test, getting a positive result does not necessarily mean you have HIV. If you have received a positive result on the self-test, it will still need to be confirmed with further testing by a doctor. You can refer to the support links on this site, or as detailed in the care card that is included in the test.

If you receive a positive result with the follow-up testing, it is important that you speak to a doctor about starting treatment. HIV is a manageable condition, treatment today is very effective and those living with HIV are able to live long and healthy lives.

4. How many times can the device be used?
The Atomo HIV Self Test is a single-use screening test. You can use it only once and it must be disposed of after use

5. How to dispose of the test afterwards?
Place the test and all box contents into the discreet disposal bag provided with the test. The bag can then be sealed and thrown away with household rubbish

Atomo HIV Self Test Kits

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We are your safe, caring pharmacy experts for HIV medicines.  You can expect confidential and private discussions on your important HIV medicines.  Our pharmacists are highly trained in HIV/AIDS.   We work with many HIV clinics in Brisbane and across Australia. 

We offer discreet dispensing.   You can submit your script and receive your medicines either instore or remotely.  This is alongside you receiving high quality care and a personal relationship with our pharmacists.  Our pharmacy is easy to find and has ample parking.  We offer a free script reminder app for your phone, where you can request your monthly scripts ahead of time!

We are the trusted choice of 100's of people living with HIV.  

Welcome to The Valley Discount Drug Store, 

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We are a PBS prescription pharmacy under the banner of The Valley Discount Drug Store. Our professional pharmacists will prepare your scripts with care. We have an outstanding reputation in the suburbs of Fortitude Valley, the Brisbane CBD, New Farm, Newstead, Bowen Hills and Kangaroo Point. We offer PBS prescriptions, Concession prescriptions, Entitlement Card prescriptions, Repatriation/Repat/DVA prescriptions, all repeat prescriptions, Private prescriptions and Schedule 3 medicines. We make getting a script filled easy. You can leave your script with us or have a monthly reminder sent to your phone. Try us today - we're ready to help!

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We keep large stock quantities of HIV medicines.  This means you can rely on us to have what you're looking for when you need it!

You can upload your HIV scripts for quick, efficient dispensing.  We will need the physical script and can then send you a reminder via our app, each month for ongoing supply.

Our pharmacists are highly trained in HIV medicines.  They work with HIV doctors for quality health outcomes with our clients.

Discreet HIV Dispensing

Why choose us as your HIV pharmacy?

Supporting the treatment of HIV requires a special approach from a special pharmacy. This is where Positive Pharmacy excels. We have established an outstanding reputation as the leaders in the dispensing of antiretroviral therapy and ongoing patient care. We can help you or your loved one understand HIV AIDS, symptoms, treatment and medicines as well as the preventative HIV and the journey ahead.

Need help with the symptoms of HIV infection? PrEP/pre exposure prophylaxis/prep?​ Do you have questions about injecting drugs? What CD4 cells mean? At Positive Pharmacy, we are the 'HIV Experts' and can answer your questions. We do this with compassion, care, knowledge and understanding.

Even if you need an understanding ear about ways you can help your sexual partner, or yourself with HIV testing - reach out.

Talk to us today and lets make your HIV journey a safe experience. work closely with HIV doctors in Brisbane and across Australia.



We're here to support your HIV journey with privacy, understanding and positivity!

We are very proud of the team at The Valley Discount Drug Store - known as the Positive Pharmacy! 

We treat our customers like family and go the extra mile to give personal service. All our staff share the values of care, compassion and understanding.  

We know that being trusted, reliable and down to earth will mean success for us all. I invite you to experience the Positive Pharmacy difference! 

See you in store soon!

- George James | Pharmacist Manager

- Chris Owen | Pharmacist Owner

Our Staff - the HIV experts

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To help you with your journey, we've compiled a resources page with up-to-date information on HIV treatments and HIV medicines available in Australia.  Preparing for and understanding your HIV symptoms as well as your HIV medicines can lead to better outcomes for you.  

Please follow the link below to our library of information.

Click on the button here to view information on HIV medicines available instore including:  Atripla, Kivexa, Stribild, Tivicay, Triumeq, Truvada and Viread.  

Our HIV Resources

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Do you want a convenient monthly reminder before your medicines have run out?  Or perhaps you'd like to find out how many repeats you have left? 

With the MyPharmacyLink app and Positive Pharmacy - convenient medicines management is a breeze! Watch the video below to see how it works. 

Talk to your pharmacist at Positive Pharmacy today about getting it set up for you.  Download on your phone via the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store buttons.  

Manage your scripts with Positive Pharmacy on your mobile phone!

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